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The Department of Microsystems Engineering, which was established in 2008, is currently an important center in China for training Ph.D. candidates, master and undergraduate students in the field of Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) and nanotechnology. Twenty-eight faculty members including 13 professors and 12 associate professors in the department work together aiming for continuously advancing the abilities of the department on scientific research and students cultivation. 

The Department of Microsystems Engineering has built the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Micro and Nano Systems for Aerospace and the Key Laboratory of Micro and Nano Systems in Shaanxi Province and Research Center for Micro/Nano Systems were both established by the Department of Microsystems Engineering. Furthermore, Shaanxi Province has started to support department to establish a State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Microsystems for Harsh Environments. 

The Department of Microsystems Engineering has completed the constructions of the first, second and third phases of "Project 985" and "211 Project". The equipment assets of the department have reached 120 million yuan in total, and the laboratory area is about 4000 m2 (including 900m2 ultra-clean room). A 4/6-inch MEMS fabrication line for R&D has been constructed, which can realize a variety of typical technologies such as silicon surface processing, wet bulk silicon processing, ICP deep etching and polymer based micro processing, etc. As one of the most advanced micro/nano manufacturing and R&D platforms in China, the department has provided R&D supports on micro/nano processing and related devices for more than one hundred institutions.  In addition, the department established the "Smart Sensing Chips Innovation Center" in Ningbo Research Institute of NPU, and built an 8-inch MEMS fabrication line, to further support the industrialization of scientific research projects.

The department focuses on the basic scientific research and engineering applications on intelligent micro/nano systems for aerospace and other harsh environment applications. Especially, the department is leading in China in the fields of smart skin for aerodynamic measurement and control, aerospace special MEMS manufacturing technology, MEMS integrated design methods and tools, etc. In recognition of the outstanding contributions, the department has been granted 3 National Technological Invention Award (second prizes), 1 National Teaching Achievement Award (first prize), 8 First Prizes and 19 Second Prizes at the provincial and ministerial level. The related works have been funded by more than 190 key projects, including National Major Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project, National Natural Science Foundation key project, National 863 project, and National Natural Science Foundation project, with accumulated funds of more than 200 million RMB. The scholars in the department have published more than 800 papers in important academic journals and 11 academic monographs and textbooks, and have been authorized more than 170 national invention patents.


Head of Department: Xie Jianbing

Tel: +86 029 88495102


Updated March 2023