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Professor Lu Shenci of Northwestern Polytechnical University Won The Thieme Chemistry Journals Award

Source: Date:2023-02-17

Recently, Thieme Academic Publishing Group announced the list of winners of the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2023. Professor Lu Shenci of the Institute of Flexible Electronics of Northwestern Polytechnical University was selected successfully.

The Thieme Chemistry Journals Award was established in 1999. It was selected globally by the academic editorial board of the three major chemical journals of the Thieme Database: Synthesis, Synlett and Synfacts. It is awarded once a year to young scholars who have made outstanding achievements in chemical synthesis and other closely related fields and have strong development potential. It aims to recognize and encourage the young generation of organic chemists. In 2023, 87 people worldwide won the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award. Nominated by Professor Benjamin List, chief editor of Synlett and winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, professor Lu Shenci was successfully selected and became one of the winners of this award in 2023. This award marks that Professor Lu Shenci’s research work has been recognized by international peers.

Professor Lu Shenci joined the Institute of Flexible Electronics of Northwestern Polytechnical University in November 2018, mainly engaged in the efficient synthesis and structural modification of functional organic molecules and their application in chiral photoelectric materials. So far, he has published more than ten research papers in internationally renowned chemical journals as the first author or corresponding author, including top journals such as J. Am. Chem. Soc., Nat. Commun., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (5 articles), ACS Catalog., Org. Lett. (3 articles).

The official announcement of Thieme Press: https://www.thieme.de/en/thieme-chemistry/thieme-chemistry-journals-awardees-107362.htm

Source: NPU News