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QMES Launched a Series of 2022 Training Activities on the Staff Ability Improvement

Source: Date:2023-01-18

In order to further enhance the competency of the QMES staff and strengthen the coordination among offices, the Labour Union and General Affairs Office of QMES have carried out a series of training activities on staff ability enhancement this semester. On November 22nd and November 25th, QMES respectively organized a visit to NPU History Hall for new staff and conducted training on document writing for all the staff members.

On November 22nd, under the guidance of the docent from the NPU History Hall, the new staff visited the five sections of the hall. Thanks to the vivid and interesting interpretation, the visitors gained a comprehensive understanding of the development history, the university culture, as well as the famous characters and touching stories of NPU, which helped them appreciate the spirit of countless NPU people who put the interests of the whole above everything else, made the selfless dedication, overcame difficulties and nurtured generation after generation. By virtue of this visit, the new staff learned about the profound cultural heritage of NPU and its promising future, realized its hard-working and meticulous study style, strengthened the consciousness of loving and adding credits to NPU while getting more acquaintances, and bravely shouldered the mission of the times as the NPUers.

On November 25th, the Labor Union of QMES invited Yu Hui, Secretary of the School of Life Sciences Party Committee, to carry out an online lecture on document writing for all the staff members of QMES. Yu Hui presented a detailed introduction to various skills of document writing, which helped to improve all the staff members’ writing abilities and lay a solid foundation for their future work.

Yu Hui unfolded his lecture by elaborating on five aspects of writing: the importance of producing a high-quality article, the steps of drafting, the common writing methods, the expected ability and quality of writers and the common mistakes in writing. Yu noted that writing ability was not acquired overnight, but required relentless efforts and practice.

Taking advantage of this training, all the staff have mastered the logic, norms and formats of document writing as well as the thinking patterns behind the writing of all kinds of official documents, which contributes to systematically enhancing their writing capability from the aspects of positioning, structure, thought, language and form. All the staff members expressed that they benefited a lot from this lecture, and they would practice these skills in their daily work, so as to beef up their writing ability.

The Labour Union and General Affairs Office of QMES focus on the blind spots and difficulties of daily work, innovate the approaches and form of staff training, and then arranged a series of training activities with strong pertinence and constructive guidance by considering the actual needs of the staff and development of the school. The Labour Union will continue to maintain and strengthen its political character, pioneering nature, and connection with the people, and play an effective role in school construction, so as to constantly improve the abilities of learning, innovation, service, organization and coordination of all the union staffs, and make new achievements in the innovative development of QMES.

Text: Ma Huili

Photo: Ma Huili, Sun Rui

Translator: Liu Yang

Review: Dai Fuping